Our Philosophy

The Polka Dots Cakes Academy is a place where cake enthusiasts from all over can come together to learn, share and enjoy the art of making or decorating cakes.

While researching training courses early on in her career, Priyanka quickly noticed that options for cake decorators were quite limited and mostly unaffordable or meant being duped & cheated. Priyanka started her career as an experiential marketing professional but her caking career overtook that as Priyanka always knew that her heart lay in cake decoration, flower making and playing with various textures & techniques.

All the courses, are therefore a culmination of Priyanka’s endless training, expertise and talent. Students are taught her unique techniques, but are also encouraged to develop their own skills and style. Priyanka takes an enormous amount of pride in her students’ achievements, as well as the pleasure they feel when completing the set tasks. She truly believes in a perfect combination of technical skill and creative flair, and this is exactly what we try to instill in all of our students.