Macarons, Meringues n More


Join certified executive pastry chef and PDCA instructor Zainab Hirani as she demystifies iconic bite-sized French macarons and feathery light meringues. Starting with the secrets of achieving a perfect macaron shell, each n every time and learn to infuse them with flavors such as pistachio, passionfruit and create decadent fillings, including the classic chocolate and coffee. She’ll also teach various decoration methods for the macarons like painting, etc. and her call to fame- the MAC-DONUT. ( donut shaped macaron)

Next, make meringue kisses from-scratch. For the grand finale, make Pavlova dessert and the super yummy classic- Eton’s mess!




Master the macaron shells (4 colors)

Flavorful fillings:

  1. Pistachio
  2. Chocolate
  3. Passion fruit
  4. Coffee

Piping techniques- including the Donut shape; Shells and filling them

Decorating the final macarons creatively; Painting, strokes, sprinkles etc.

Meringue kisses:

  • Coloring, decorations etc
  • Meringue based desserts- Lemon blueberry pavlova Eton’s Mess.



  • All the ingredients and tools are provided in class
  • Video recording of the class in not provided
  • After class support/guidance is provided to participants who do not misuse it for commercial training purpose.
  • This is a semi hands on class; All participants shall be divided in groups and get to make separate recipes. While each group will work others will watch.


Mode: Semi Hands on

Fee: Rs. 5000/- plus taxes

Duration: 1 day

Timings: 9am-5pm

Eligibility: No prior experience required

Instructor: Zainab Hirani

All Class Material provided

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