Commercial Sugar Flowers

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This class teaches a more commercial friendly approach at making sugar flowers, the choice of flowers in this is class, are what is usually in demand on cakes, and the techniques we teach will help you attain pretty results in lesser time.



  1. Open Peony
  2. Open Rose
  3. Tulips
  4. Anemones
  5. Tiger Lilies
  6. Hydrangeas
  7. Quick Orchids
  8. Exotic butterfly
  9. Succulents
  10. Leaves
  11. Cascading Berries
  12. Fillers


  • Correct usage of cutters for clean, smooth finish
  • Fluidic usage of suitable tools & alternatives
  • Techniques of wiring
  • Veining- using Veiners & without veiners
  • Using cost effect ways of creative natural shapes & depth to flower
  • Assembling individually wired petals in correct format along with suitable flower center
  • Using various coloring formats like- self coloring, petal dusts, dip dyes, airbrushing etc.
  • Glazing- multiple ways
  • Sealing- to avoid any color fades and bleads



  • This is a hands-on class, participants are discouraged to have any other appointments on the same dates, to sustain full attention during class
  • How to ‘bake’ cakes shall not be taught in this class. we have separate workshops for that.
  • How to make fondant etc. is not covered in this syllabus. please refer to other classes for the same.
  • Video recording of the class is not permitted
  • After class support/guidance is provided to participants who do not misuse it for commercial training purposes


Mode: Hands-on

Fee: Rs. 23,500/- plus taxes

Duration: 3 days

Timings: 9am- 6:30pm

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required

Instructor: Priyanka Arora Nayak

Take home Cutters inclusive

All class material provided

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