Classic Buttercreams and Modern textures

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Create the most delicious American, Swiss, Italian and French buttercreams with step-by-step guidance. Start with how to make pillowy meringue as you whip up simple Swiss and dreamy Italian meringue buttercreams. Next, create a super-rich French buttercream that’s perfect as a filling. And there’s the eggless one- the American version for our vegetarian friends.

You’ll also discover the secrets for achieving the perfect icing consistency and color and creating mouthwatering flavors from everyday ingredients. Then, you’ll see how to level, tort, dam, fill and crumb coat your cakes. With your cake prepared, we will teach you how to smooth buttercream, for flawless icing that creates beautiful sides and a super-sharp top edge. Plus, find out how to show off your cakes with Fun acrylic style painting textures or gorgeous ruffles.


Recipes and demos of delicious buttercreams:

  1. American buttercream (eggless)
  2. Swiss Meringue buttercream
  3. Italian Meringue buttercream
  4. French buttercream
  • Fixing broken buttercream
  • Knowledge about the usages of each buttercream
  • Flavoring and coloring buttercreams
    • The classics- Coffee, chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel
    • Using Purees, fresh fruits, Juices n jams
    • Extracts n artificial flavours
    • Curds ( lemon curd/ mango curd etc)
    • Liquors (will not be demonstrated in class, will only be discussed)
  • Layering and leveling a 6” tall cake
  • Masking the cake using buttercream and achieve sharp edges
  • Decorating techniques
    • Chocolate drips
    • Buttercream ruffles piping.
    • Acrylic style painting textures
    • Ombre
    • Concrete look
    • Watercolor effect
  • Learn its storage, nature and packaging.


  • All the ingredients and tools are provided in class
  • Video recording of the class in not provided
  • After class support/guidance is provided to participants who do not misuse it for commercial training purpose.

Mode: Hands on

Fee: Rs.10000/- plus taxes

Duration: 1 day

Timings: 9am-6pm

Eligibility : No prior knowledge required

Instructor: Riya Malik

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