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India's foremost and finest cake decorating academy.

With one-of-a-kind, in-depth, and carefully curated courses, Polka Dots Cakes Academy has completely re-defined the cake decoration profession in the country. It has brought about a level of professionalism to the home-baking space. Once you're a student of the academy, you're also part of the amazing community the academy has built over the years.


Priyanka Arora Nayak

After a very successful career in the event management industry, Priyanka's hunt for more creative pursuits led her to the world of baking and cake decorating. She went on to learn from some of the best talent in the industry and fell in love with creating beautiful edible works of art. Over time, she not only realised that the industry was very under developed, but was very fragmented as well. She wanted to share her caking knowledge with others - leading to the inception of her unique fondant classes. Priyanka created The PDCA experience. In-depth, versatile, super creative, fun, family-like - it's nothing like any other class, and her students can vouch for that. She's managed to build one of India's largest cake decorator community.

Megha Kwatra Madan

I am Dr. Megha Kwatra Madan, 34, Noida , a Dentist by profession and a cake artist by choice. I have a BDS degree and I am also an international diploma holder in cosmetic dentistry from NYU College of Dentistry, New York. I have worked in both public and private sectors including FORTIS HOSPITAL as a resident dentist for several years before baking happened to me. I am a mother of a 5 year-old daughter , who is my biggest critic and an even bigger fan. I left my boring job of dentistry 4 and a half years back when I have been diagnosed with epilepsy and doctors suggested me not to continue the same for some time .... But I left it for good so that I can do what I like the most , Cooking and Baking. Cake decoration happened in my life by chance but I am sure it's not going anywhere now. cooking and baking makes the world around me beautiful. I have learned cake decoration from the top most Indian and international artists but have been extensively trained by Priyanka Arora nayak since my association with polka dots cake academy from last 3 years. I always say that I might have creativity in me but it's Priyanka who gave me the vision. I have my own venture as well which I started 4 years back with the name "Cake O'Luv, couture cakes by megha". The name itself signifies my love for cakes.. recently expanded my work under the guidance of Priyanka Arora nayak and opened up a studio in Noida which holds workshops of various Indian and international artists. My cakes have been featured in sugar magazine and cake masters magazine as well. Many of my cakes have also been in the daily top 3 of prestigious cakesdecor.com.

Saema Rafique Contractor

I am Dr. Saema Rafique Contractor, 31, a dentist by profession and baker by passion from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. During the weekdays I am at my clinic, treating my patients and weekends I am busy baking cakes and desserts. Meeting Priyanka has been a turning point in my life. I have learned A-Z in baking and cake decorating from her. Also, I have a loving husband and a super supportive family who encourages me to pursue my passion along with my profession. The name of my venture is Saema's Couture Cakes and recently I have opened my studio under the same name. Few of my cakes have been featured in Sugar magazine and also have made to daily top 3 on cakesdecor.com

Zainab Hirani

While studying advertising Zainab always had a dream of doing something creative and that’s when she found her passion for cake decorating and baking . Zainab was offered a scholarship in baking to United States of America and later moved to Canada to learn sugar art from one of the finest colleges in Canada. For advance learning she worked in various wedding cake boutiques and bakeries and wanted to pass her knowledge and experience. That’s when she join PDCA as a cake instructor.

Riya Malik

Her love for desserts and a spontaneous decision one day, led her into the world of baking. With the help and support from Polka Dots Cakes Academy and it's community, she discovered her new love and ventured into the world of cake art by launching her own home business - The Pink Truck. 5 years on, leaving her career in online advertising behind was the next big step in her life. One big step led to even bigger things. Recently, she was a semi-finalist on the hit food TV show "Grilled", where she competed against the likes of Pack-a-Pav and the Bohri Kitchen! Currently pursuing her Pastry Arts Diploma at Lavonne, she shall be back very soon to join the PDCA team with BIG plans in mind! And oh yeah, she also manages all the website stuff!

Aasma Sayyed

A.k.a the backbone of PDCA and the person responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. After completing her HSC in 2010, she worked with CHA (importer), where she was handling their admin work for 2 years. Later, she worked with a Distributor of Bakery Products, and managed their Documentation work and Correspondence with clients, for 6 Months. And then finally she joined the PDCA team! She's only been here for less than a year, but already feels like family! Her favorite part of the job: having a great learning Experience of Baking, making new friends, to get to know new People.
"Had an awesome time in class and learnt so much. I learnt so much from a teacher who is so giving and imparts all her knowledge to her students. A perfectionist herself and wants her students to get there too. So loving and giving in every way. Am so glad I attended this class. Thanks so much Priyanka. Just love the way you are, your warmth and fun loving attitude is what makes the class even better. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher."
Juhi Gupta